Pixie Dust Holidays

Unlocking the magic beyond your wildest dreams 

Who We Are


How do we make your vacation magical?

At Pixie Dust Holidays, we do things differently. 

We dive in head first and do absolutely everything in our power to make sure that your trip is everything you dreamed it could be - and more! 

We pride ourselves in being industry leaders, focused on staying on top of all the constant changes at Disney, and using our knowledge from over 200 weeks spent at Walt Disney World to your advantage. We have stayed in every resort, eaten in every restaurant and visited at every time of the year. 

We have learned ways to get more than you ever thought possible out of your trip, while minimizing the line ups and maximizing magical memories! 


Why use a travel agent?

You'll never pay more to book a trip through a travel agent (compared to booking online or with the tour company directly). Even those discounted travel websites do not actually have a better price than us; in fact we may find a better way of putting your package together to save you money! The travel industry is now regulated, prohibiting travel companies from advertising trips at a rate lower than the published industry price. So how do we stay in business? The travel company gives us a small commission, but if that same trip is booked through the company directly, the commission stays with them.


So why choose Pixie Dust Holidays?

1-We have decades of experience finding the perfect vacation for our clients. We have travelled extensively, particularly to Walt Disney World and can offer you first hand, personal knowledge. Not everyone has the same preferences and tastes, so we always tailor a trip to YOU rather than use a cookie cutter approach.

2-We can save you time and money by doing an exhaustive search, waiting on hold, pricing out all of the options, staying on top of promos and doing all the leg work for you.

3-We have relationships with most of the resort/cruise representatives and therefore have more clout when asking for special requests.

4-We have the expertise to know what you may not know; we make sure you don't miss out on any must-do's at your destination.

5-We will advocate for you in the unlikely event that things don't go as planned, stepping in on your behalf where needed.

6-You trip cost is protected under a compensation fund through TICO (the Travel Industry Council of Ontario) in the event that the travel supplier should go bankrupt.

7-You can feel good that you are supporting a local small business, where the proceeds go back into the community.


At Pixie Dust Holidays, once your trip is booked, we scan for new discounts and promotions. If an applicable, better rate comes up, we will "auto-magically" adjust your reservation.